What is CoSAGE?

The Community-based Cooperative for Studies Across GEnerations (CoSAGE) Project is a long-term community-academic partnership between researchers at Michigan State University and the villages of Pewamo, Westphalia and Fowler in mid-Michigan. CoSAGE partnership is focused on health research to promote wellness and quality of life for community members. Through research, the CoSAGE project’s long term goals are to discover how genetic, lifestyle and environmental risk factors contribute to common health conditions within the communities. The knowledge gained by this partnership with Pewamo, Westphalia and Fowler, Michigan, will be translated into health innovations within the community and the broader world population.

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The CoSAGE partnership is focused on health research to achieve the following vision and mission:

CoSAGE Vision

“To build a sustainable and portable model of a community-academic partnership that promotes wellness and quality of life for community partners and that fosters scholarship and vitality for academic partners.”

CoSAGE Mission

“To develop a sustainable community-based and community-driven health research partnership. The long-term goals of CoSAGE are to discover genetic, lifestyle and environmental risk factors that contribute to common health-related conditions within the partner community, to translate the new knowledge into health innovations for the community, and to transport new knowledge and health innovations to the broader world population.”

The current gap between scientific discovery and our ability to apply new knowledge to improve health is vast. The CoSAGE Project represents a powerful opportunity to bridge this gap by linking the citizen with science, by linking the community with the academic, and by linking discovery with action toward the promotion of wellness across generations.

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