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Volunteers are the catalyst to better health and wellness for tomorrow’s generation. Volunteers are critical for every study to be successful. Without volunteers new treatments and medications could not be developed. CoSAGE is a community-based and community-driven research project that conducts health related research studies that are important to you and your community.  Working together, we can examine how lifestyle, hereditary and environmental factors influence health and wellness.  Discoveries can lead to new health and wellness programs that are tailored to the community allowing us to promote community wellness across generations. 

If you are interested in volunteering, there is a study for you.  Expore the studies below or sign up to be contacted by a member of our research team to learn more.  The CoSAGE Project will be most successful if every community member, regardless of health status, participates. Even individuals who do not have ties to the partner community can contribute valuable information.

Remember that participation in any research study is completely voluntary. 

A volunteer’s role in a research study may differ from study to study. Before you begin participation in any study you will provided detailed information about what to expect as a volunteer.  We understand that your time is valuable, so we take steps to work around your schedule.  There is no need to travel to Michigan State University or to a lab for testing.  We offer flexible appointment times, including evening and weekends.  Appointments are also available for families or large groups.

Become a volunteer and help us promote community wellness across generations!

Current research volunteer oppurtunities include:

The Research Participant Registry

Community Assessment and Research Participant Registry

Hearing, Memory and Quality of Life in Older Adults

Deafness, Research, Education, Across, Mid-Michigan (DREAM-M)

Other volunteer opportunities