A Rainy View from the Pewamo Parlor

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Thankfully, the view from the Pewamo Parlor today includes cloud cover, gentle rain, and even an intermittent downpour!  They used to say that cutting alfalfa was a sure way to get rain…..perhaps the same can be said for putting on a new roof!  We don’t mind a delay with the new shingles though, if it means some relief for the crops and grass and livestock!


The CoSAGE Project is busier than ever this summer with our usual recruiting activities and summer festivals. Jamie and company had a very successful outing and much fun at the St. Joseph’s Parade and Festival in Pewamo. In fact, we had a record-breaking number of people who signed up to learn more about CoSAGE! Despite the intense heat, we made it to the finish line at the St. Mary’s Parade and enjoyed talking with people at the CoSAGE booth. Thanks to everyone (whether old friend or new acquaintance) that stopped by to say hello or learn about our community-based research. The Most Holy Trinity Festival in Fowler is up next----look for us in the parade Sunday morning (7/29) and at our booth to follow.


We are often asked….”do you still need people to participate in your study?’.  And the answer is….YES!  By participating in the CoSAGE Community Assessment and Research Participant Registry, you will help us identify common and high impact health problems in the tri-village area so that we can best design future studies……such as the Hearing, Memory, and Quality of Life in Older Adults study that is also underway. We invite you to take some time to explore our newly revised website to learn more about our history and goals, our current studies, as well as opportunities for you to become a citizen scientist.


CoSAGE does need you!


With appreciation,

Deb Schutte