From the Pewamo Parlor

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Welcome to the newly updated CoSAGE website and the first edition of From the Pewamo Parlor. I will be sharing my musings on life, health and community-based health research from the Pewamo Parlor on a weekly basis. Brian and I are delighted to be able to lead the CoSAGE partnership at least partly from the vantage point of our Pewamo home (affectionately called our home up north). It is not every day that researchers have the privilege of working closely with the people of a community to determine the community’s health-related strengths and needs. It is even less common to do so in a way that can potentially close the gap between discovering ‘new things’ and incorporating ‘new things’ into the daily lives of a community to improve health.

The newly updated CoSAGE website provides detailed information about how you can partner with the CoSAGE project in these efforts, whether you are interested in CoSAGE as an individual or in some other personal or professional capacity.

If you are already a CoSAGE volunteer, thank you for being one of the growing number of people in the tri-village area who are participating in the CoSAGE Community Assessment and Research Participant Registry! We began enrolling participants in the CoSAGE Registry in July of 2010…nearly two years ago. Two hundred people are participating in the Registry to date, but we need many more participants to reach our goals. Our first goal is to assess the health needs in your community so that we can best study specific health problems in the near future. The more people who participate, the greater the value of this project for you and your community!

The CoSAGE Team looks forward to seeing you at the St. Joseph’s Festival in Pewamo on Sunday (June 10)! Unfortunately, Brian and I send our regrets as we will be attending the 80th birthday party of Brian’s father on Sunday. But we hope you will watch for the CoSAGE float in the parade, and we invite you to stop by the CoSAGE booth to learn more about our health research partnership!

With appreciation,

Deb Schutte