Current Research Priorities

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CoSAGE is pursuing the following research priorities. These research priorities are based upon community interest and community need as determined through the preliminary studies conducted by the CoSAGE team:

Building and Maintaining the CoSAGE Community Assessment and Research Participant Registry--- The CoSAGE Community Assessment and Research Participant Registry is an important ongoing effort that provides the critical foundation for the CoSAGE Project. Information gathered through the Registry will allow us to continue to assess the health needs of our partner communities in order to prioritize specific health research studies. In addition, the Research Participant Registry provides an efficient way to inform community members about new research studies that they may be eligible for. Research participants are currently needed for the CoSAGE Community Assessment and Research Participant Registry.

Promoting Hearing Wellness--- Through its early community assessment efforts, the CoSAGE project identified age-related hearing impairment as a prevalent and high-impact health concern. Through interviews with 30 community leaders representing all 3 villages, age-related hearing impairment was endorsed as having some or major impact by 87% of the community leaders, more than any other health problem. Therefore, the CoSAGE Project is working to identify hereditary, lifestyle and environmental risk factors for age-related hearing impairment in order to build or improve access to locally relevant hearing health care. The CoSAGE team is currently seeking grant funding to support this research priority.

Promoting Quality of Life for Persons with Dementia--- Memory problems and dementia were also identified as high impact health problems in our partner community through our early community assessment efforts. Dementia is the loss of cognitive ability from a previously attained level that interferes with a person’s ability to participate in their usual life activities. Dementia can be caused by diseases, such as Alzheimer disease and Parkinson disease. The CoSAGE project is working to identify hereditary and environmental factors that influence the wide variation in cognitive and behavioral symptoms in persons experiencing memory loss, Alzheimer disease and other types of dementia. The long-term goal is to develop tailored interventions that help prevent or soothe the symptoms associated with cognitive impairment. Research participants are currently needed for the Hearing, Memory, and Quality of Life in Older Adults study.

Community Engagement for Local Development--- The CoSAGE Project strives to enhance the capacity of our partner villages to be leaders in community-based, community-driven, and community-tailored research and development. Bringing resources, knowledge, and innovation to our partner villages is an important aspect of every CoSAGE research study.