Community Research Advisory Committee

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The mission of the Community Research Advisory Committee is to promote and facilitate the CoSAGE project and other community events in the partner community.The Community Research Advisory Committee consists of men and women who represent the three villages of Westphalia, Fowler, Pewamo and the surrounding area.   The RAC meets on a monthly basis in one of the three villages.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Develop research ideas with Michigan State University Partners
  • Promote CoSAGE research in the community
  • Educate MSU partners on community history, culture, values, members, events, institutions
  • Advise on health issues and resources in the community and best methods to interact with community
  • Solve problems related to conducting the research studies
  • Intercede for the project in the community through participation in community activities and through everyday conversations
  • Review project activities to ensure that they are consistent with Principles of Community Engaged Research

Meet the community members from the Community Research Advisory Committee and Community Research Ethics Committee. Individuals who may be interested in joining the Community Research Advisory Committee are invited to contact us to learn more.