Community Assessment and Research Participant Registry

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Community Assessment and Research Participant Registry


The purpose of this study is to examine how lifestyle, hereditary, and environmental factors work alone or together to influence health conditions.  Researchers from Michigan State University and two community advisory committees from the partner community will use the results of this study to identify future health research studies.  Together strategies to improve the health and wellness in the partner communities will be developed.  These strategies will then be expanded to other communities.

Study Details:

This study includes doing tests on DNA, a person’s genetic material, collecting information about your personal and family medical history and gathering data about the community in which you live.  The DNA, white blood cells and serum samples obtained from you will be used to examine the role of genes in relationship to the health data that you provide during this study. The DNA, white blood cells and serum samples obtained from you during this study will also be stored indefinitely.  The results of the studies that we do in the laboratory with your DNA and white blood cells will not be reported back to you. 

Participants will also be connected to a large pedigree or family tree of the community.  The pedigree includes immigrant families to the community, their ancestors and descendents.  Pedigrees can help researchers study how common health problems are passed down from generations, identify the hereditary factors that cause the health problem, and then someday help prevent and treat these health problems.

Volunteers will be asked to:

  • Review, sign and date an informed consent document.
  • Complete a physical exam which includes; height, weight, blood pressure, pulse,  and measurement of your hips and waist.
  • Have samples of your blood or saliva collected.  (12 hour fast preferred, but not required
  • Complete several health surveys. Volunteers have the option of completing the health surveys at home.

Individuals can choose only to volunteer for the Participant Registry and not complete the Community Assessment. 


Gender: Men and women

Age: 18 years of age and older.  Volunteers who are 60 years and older are especially needed.

Other:  Individuals who do not live in the partner community are also invited to participate.

Individuals with a cognitive impairment will require a legal representative (guardian) to review and co-sign the informed consent.


Women who are pregnant  are asked to wait to complete the physical exam and blood draw until 8 weeks postpartum.  Health questionnaires can be complete during this time. 

Location of appointments: 

All study activity can be done in your home.  Special arrangements can be made for individuals who do not live close to the partner community.  Flexible appointment times are available including early mornings, evenings and weekends.  Appointments are available for large groups.


Volunteers will not be compensated for their participation in the Participant Registry.


This study is not a treatment for any specific illness or.  Participants will not directly benefit from their participation.  Volunteers who are able to provide a fasting blood sample will receive a copy of lab results that are received from Sparrow Regional Labs.  These tests are similar to what you would have done at your providers office and include lipid panel, CBC, hemoglobin A1C, and thyroid panel


Principal Investigator(s):

Debra Schutte PhD, RN


schutted [at] msu [dot] edu


Brian Schutte PhD


schutteb [at] msu [dot] edu


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