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From the Pewamo Parlor: Seasons Change

The view from the Pewamo Parlor is spectacular today…with beautiful blue skies, more than a touch of orange and yellow in the trees, and an intermittent falling leaf. The warm temps and cool fall breeze are certainly a relief from the intense summer heat. But, at the same time, I am amazed that the season has again changed. It seems just yesterday that we were enjoying an early August vacation in Tennessee. While Brian and I felt a moment’s hesitation about heading south in the peak summer heat, we, nonetheless, enjoyed a refreshing week at the Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee.

A Rainy View from the Pewamo Parlor

Thankfully, the view from the Pewamo Parlor today includes cloud cover, gentle rain, and even an intermittent downpour!  They used to say that cutting alfalfa was a sure way to get rain…..perhaps the same can be said for putting on a new roof!  We don’t mind a delay with the new shingles though, if it means some relief for the crops and grass and livestock!


From the Pewamo Parlor: The CoSAGE Garden Grows

One of the first things I do when returning to Pewamo on the weekends is to check the garden. Is my marigold rabbit defense system working? Are there any new zucchini? Are the tomato plants dead yet? Is that a broccoli plant or a brussel sprouts plant?  Although I helped with a very large garden on the farm growing up, I’ve never had space since then to try a garden of my own…..a fact that is perhaps painfully obvious when you look at my current garden!  Despite the hot and dry conditions and with the help of neighbors, I will persist, though, in tending to my little space.

From the Pewamo Parlor

Welcome to the newly updated CoSAGE website and the first edition of From the Pewamo Parlor. I will be sharing my musings on life, health and community-based health research from the Pewamo Parlor on a weekly basis. Brian and I are delighted to be able to lead the CoSAGE partnership at least partly from the vantage point of our Pewamo home (affectionately called our home up north).

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