Yanfen Zhai BS

Research Assistant

Yanfen Zhai is a Research Assistant in the CoSAGE Genotyping Core. Yanfen was originally trained in traditional Chinese Medicine at the Hebei University of Medicine in her home country of China. Since moving to the United States, she has worked in several laboratories on the Michigan State University campus, involving a wide range of biochemical and molecular techniques. Yanfen has worked in Dr. D. Schutte’s laboratory for over three years, managing the laboratory analyses for Dr. D. Schutte’s Alzheimer disease research. Yanfen has also been involved in CoSAGE Genotyping Core since its beginning. She receives and processes all of the biologic samples collected for the CoSAGE project and is responsible for managing and generating data related to the role of hereditary factors in the CoSAGE studies. When she is not in the lab, Yanfen enjoys gardening and traditional Chinese painting.